NEFT Vodka Lunch at Meat&Wine Co, Mayfair

2 May 2023

On Wednesday 26th April, our members and guests joined us for a one of its kind dining experience. With the aim of increasing NEFT Vodka’s footfall in the United Kingdom, the Nth Degree Club supported NEFT Vodka in an Exclusive Private Dining Lunch hosted at another iconic Mayfair Location, Meat & Wine Co.

Enter NEFT Vodka. With Its high grade, non-GMO rye and triple copper pot distillation process, this additive free, Austrian vodka provides a rich smooth profile matched by no other. Crafted with only two ingredients, pure Austrian spring water and rye, NEFT can hold its own against any other sipping spirit and is pioneering a growing culture of elite sipping vodkas for trendsetters and spirits connoisseurs alike. NEFT’s versatility makes it exceptional on its own and a unique enhancer to any mixology creation in which our guests and members got to experience first-hand with its expert rendition to the ‘afternoon tea’.

Our members and guests experienced the true spirit of Meat & Wine Co that fuses African heritage and cuisine with modern culinary techniques and contemporary décor.

Each dish is planned and prepared carefully. From knowing exactly where their steak comes from and how it was raised, to sourcing local ingredients, and designing each new menu with seasonal produce in mind. This way, they know that their suppliers have the same values and take the same care when it comes to crafting exceptional meals for diners as they do. Sponsored Wines from Wine&Something paired to perfectly complement the rainbow cuisinesque menu extended to a truly decadent experience.

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