Nth Degree Private Dining Christmas Lunch at Jeru Mayfair

19 December 2023

On Thursday 7th December 2023, Our Members and Guests re-joined once again to enjoy the 8th Nth Degree Exclusive Private Dining Lunch of the year at the iconic Jeru.

Guests joined at the ultimate Nth Degree Christmas lunch and immersed themselves in the ambiance of twinkling lights, savored delectable delights, indulged in perfectly paired wines and champagne.

In the heart of Mayfair, Jeru’s Space offered a captivating and multi-layered culinary experience that transcended traditional dining boundaries. Led by the Award-winning Australian chef Roy Ner, Jeru extended a gracious invitation to delve into the vibrant essence of the Mediterranean, ensuring an exceptional experience.

The restaurant’s three floors housed an eclectic mix of spaces, including an old city-style bakery, a sophisticated wine bar, an intimate charcoal restaurant, and the vibrant Layla Bar. Each area was thoughtfully curated to provide a unique atmosphere, where guests could indulge in an array of culinary delights.

Jeru’s menu reflected the essence of the Mediterranean, featuring innovative dishes inspired by the Levant and Ottoman heritage. The restaurant took pride in offering exclusive cured meats sourced from British charcuterie specialists.


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