Nth Degree Private Dining Lunch At KOYN Mayfair

5 March 2024

On Wednesday 28th February 2024, Our Members and Guests re-joined once again to enjoy the 2nd Nth Degree Exclusive Private Dining Lunch of the year at the wonderful KOYN Mayfair.

KOYN, a modern Japanese restaurant inspired by the nature-spirited roots and duality of Mount Fuji. Our newest restaurant will adapt Japan’s ancient appreciation of balancing modernity with tradition alongside simplicity and harmony into a two-folded contemporary dining experience.

Situated off Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square, KOYN is housed in what was formerly both the US embassy and Canadian high Commission. The two-storey space has been designed to symbolise the complementary forces at play in Japan’s enigmatic volcano, where a lush alpine environment peacefully co-exists with the fires raging below. The kitchen led by Executive Chef Rhys Cattermoul presents a menu inspired by this natural duality, to showcase the broad spectrum of Japanese cuisine through rich umami flavours and locally sourced produce.

KOYN’s philosophy places value on subtlety and detail through an amalgamative lens where art, design, and textile traditions meet culinary craftsmanship.


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