Nth Degree Private Dining Lunch at Robuchon Mayfair

23 October 2023

On Tuesday 27th June 2023, Our Members and Guests re-joined once again to enjoy the 6th Nth Degree Exclusive Private Dining Lunch of the year at the famous Robuchon Mayfair.

With a legacy spanning several decades, Robuchon Mayfair stands tall and proud, mirroring the resilience of London itself. The restaurant’s classic facade and welcoming ambience draw guests into a realm of sophistication and charm. Stepping inside, guests are welcomed by an atmosphere that radiates luxury, from the exquisite furnishings to the ambient lighting.

Our members and guests experienced a remarkable culinary experience created by Chef Robuchon. Drawing inspiration from both tradition and innovation, the menu at Robuchon Mayfair is deliciously crafted, celebrating the finest ingredients meticulously sourced to create dishes that are both visually stunning and flavourful.

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