Nth Degree Private Dining Lunch at The Cheshire Cheese on Strand

2 June 2023

On Wednesday 23rd May 2023, Our Members and Guests re-joined once again to enjoy the 5th Nth Degree Exclusive Private Dining Lunch of the year at the historic Cheshire Cheese on Strand.

Our members and guests experienced the true history of The Cheshire Cheese which has stood tall and proud in central London for over 200 years. Just like the city itself, surviving everything thrown at it and evolving with every new generation. This Higgledy-piggledy traditional pub with timber beams and open fires. Once the former haunt of Charles Dickens the pub and restaurant boast with Old London tradition.

Featuring his delicious 5-course Great British Menu tasting menu curated by Chef Robbie Lorraine and his team. With it’s modern and sophisticated recreation of Traditional English food Chef Robbie Lorraine founder of Only Food and Courses has built a hugely successful dining experience as a Pop-Up entrepreneur in Brixton, showcasing his excellence for two consecutive years on ITV’s Great British Menu. Now, he runs the Cheshire Cheese kitchen recreating his amazing menu in their Edwardian restaurant. Sponsored wines supplied by Wine&Something perfectly paired with the menu and a Champagne reception supplied by Champagne PIAFF made for a truly memorable private dining experience.

This full-service pub and recently renovated restaurant provides a completely unique experience for traditionalist and food connoisseurs alike, where each dish is heavily produced centric and celebrates the ingredients, flavours, and techniques inspired by 80’s and 90’s pop culture.

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