Nth Degree Private Lunch at Jeru Mayfair

3 March 2023

On Tuesday 28th February 2023, Our Members and Guests re-joined once again to enjoy the second Nth Degree Exclusive Private Dining Lunch of the year at one of Mayfair’s finest, Jeru.

Our members and guests experienced the very essence of Jeru with its laid-back Mediterranean style and perfectly dimmed lighting. Featuring delicious menus that were expertly designed by Chef Roy Ner and his team and impeccable 5-star service to support this. Sponsored wines supplied by Wine&Something perfectly paired with the menu and a Champagne reception supplied by Frerejean Freres made for a flawless dining experience.

Jeru is a welcoming world that encapsulates the smells, flavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques that transport you across Eastern Mediterranean countries, cuisines, and cultures.

Jeru transcends the concept of traditional Eastern Mediterranean cuisine into a lifestyle that exists in the here and now and offers a fine dining experience that converges the very best the region has to offer.

This full-service fine dining restaurant provides an indulgent experience, where each dish is heavily produced centric and celebrates the ingredients, flavours, and techniques inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean.

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