Tatler Address Book partners with The NTH Degree Club

3 December 2019

Tatler Address Book partners with The NTH Degree Club

Commencing December 2019, the Tatler Address Book has partnered with The NTH Degree
Club to create the most exciting and high-profile restaurant directory. The partnership will
combine Tatler’s exclusive and rigorous editorial process with The NTH Degree Club’s
premium hospitality contacts to expand the Tatler Address Book, the ultimate guide to The
Best of Everything. The Tatler Address Book is the definitive online lifestyle directory
recommending the finest cosmetic doctors, luxury spas, hotels, restaurants and High Net
Worth professionals – all with the Tatler seal of approval.

Tatler Address Book partners with The Nth Degree Club



From starting a legacy as a weekly journal in the coffee houses of London’s St. James to
celebrating its 310th birthday this year, Tatler is the original social media and commentary on
society, lifestyle and fashion. Originally defining the fashions of the day to now re-defining
the meaning of ‘status’ in the 21st century, Tatler features the movers and shakers of
impossibly glamorous fashion and lifestyle.

Tatler Publishing Director, Kate Slesinger says “Fine restaurants are the Tatler readers’
natural habitat. When it comes to hospitality, no organisation is better embedded or
connected than the NTH Degree Club. That’s why Tatler chose to partner with them on the
Restaurant vertical of our Tatler Address Book, our guide to ‘the best of everything’. The
partnership promises a wealth of exciting new initiatives for Tatler, to be rolled out across
2020 and beyond”.

The NTH Degree Club is passionate about connecting influential people through unique
dining experiences in prestigious locations around the world. The Club is the brainchild of
Robert Walton MBE, a recognised and respected figure in the hospitality industry and
President of the Restaurant Association of Great Britain. Having trained as a West-End chef
himself, Robert has the unique hands-on experience and insider knowledge needed to
create The NTH Degree Club.

Tatler Address Book partners with The Nth Degree Club

Tatler is thrilled to become the sole media partner for the three main upcoming NTH Degree
events. In February 2019, The NTH Degree Club joined together with UKHospitality to host
the first annual Restaurant Association Gala Dinner Celebrating Excellence in Food & Wine
Service. Top chefs and hospitality leaders included Albert Roux OBE, Michel Roux and Emily
Roux, Raymond Blanc OBE, Brian Turner CBE, Claude Bosi, Chris and Jeff Galvin, Melissa
Hemsley and Rosemary Ferguson. In July this year, Robert Walton MBE relaunched the
Young Chef Young Waiter competition with UKHospitality and the Restaurant Association to
promote hospitality as a career of choice, a profession and a vocation. Judges include head
judge Theo Randall, Jason Atherton, Tom Kerridge and Tom Aikens and the final was held in
October in London.

We are delighted to announce the new Tatler Restaurant Awards which will be launching in
2020. Hosted by The NTH Degree Club, the Tatler Restaurant Awards will be the biggest and
most glamorous restaurant awards and a calendar highlight for Restaurateurs, Chefs and
Restaurants. Only Tatler Address Book members will be eligible to be nominated and win an

Robert Walton MBE said: “I am delighted to announce our partnership with Tatler, the most
prestigious and iconic publication which is renowned for setting the tone for high society. The
NTH Degree Club is perfectly placed to connect Tatler to the world of hospitality through our
network of Michelin star chefs and influential people in the food industry. I am honoured that
this partnership with The NTH Degree Club is a first time Tatler have collaborated with a
brand outside of Condé Nast. So it is with great pride that I am looking forward to adding
culinary events to Tatler’s glamorous world of fashion and society.”

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